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Since the latter half of 2016, our country the Philippines has been embroiled in a very publicized war against illegal drugs. A lot of deaths, proven or otherwise have been linked to it whether it was through confirmed police operations, vigilante killings or what the media likes to call it "extra judicial killings".

Tulak is a 2D choice based, puzzle adventure game set in a fictional "barangay" in the City of Manila. The dialogue of the game is in Filipino with street slang with mature themes and heavy language, with multiple endings.

Tulak was conceptualized during the heat of the issue, we noticed that the mainstream media only likes to sensationalize and reports the deaths, not telling the stories behind them. We didn't chose to make this interactive story to spread a propaganda or choose sides rather show a fictional yet inspired by true events, story about those caught in between. Those who grew up into the lower bowels of the Manila drug underbelly.  

I, myself specifically grew up in areas no different from the setting of the game, and as the artist I wanted to really nail down the feel, the atmosphere and the interactions/dialogue within the characters.  Hence the project felt close to home.

This is the initial part of the game, it can be played from "start to finish" as it is, however if me and my team were given a budget or a chance to continue the project I already have a script in mind and this initial game would technically serve as "Episode 1" in the same vein as Telltale games and Life is Strange games where we would go the episodic route.

The game has been showcased on ESGS 2018 and has been nominated and won awards during the ICT Creative Awards Night, winning Best in Game Art, Best in Narrative, and Best Game for Many. And being nominated for Game of The Year.

We hope you like what we were able to put out, and support us by donating any amount if you happen to appreciate the effort we've put out, or help us get the word out for the game and help us get an investor or a publisher.

If you want to contact me personally you can reach me through my email: cadenastevenjan@yahoo.com or through my Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/stevencible

In behalf of my team,
Thank You.


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Done playing it. I like the game especially the art style. My only complaint is the character moves slow and sometimes a bit laggy. Overall, it's a good game, keep it up! 

The launcher seems to automatically close itself after launching. I am trying to stream it on my FB page, and it keeps on happening even if I try to restart, uninstall, and reinstall it. I'm using a Windows 8.1 64-bit machine, btw.

Such an inspiring idea for a game. Will definitely play and review the English version!

Thanks for the Game, Brilliant way to bring the Message of what is happening in the life of these people in our homeland.  tried to play and Translate as much as i can. hahahaha hope you enjoy it. this is only part 1. Good work guys keep it up 

WOW Thank you! This is really unexpected. Haha will try to watch later.

do i need to understand filipine in order to play this?

Unfortunately for the mean time yes. Although I am in the process of translating the dialogue.

It said it uses only Filipino language, any chances for English language option in the next update?


Yes there is, I am currently on the process of doing it.

This looks amazing, but the entirety is lost on me due to the language barrier. Any chances of some language options in the future?

Yes I am currently working on translating it without losing much of the essence of the dialogue.